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Creative Play Newsletter – Move Forward

forest at night

How were your experiments in inspiration? Did trying some new activities, foods, or new perspectives invite inspiration in? Are you inspired and ready to move ahead?

My inspiration experiments worked better than I expected. I didn’t really step outside of my box that much because I felt too busy with life to start learning a new language or something, but I did make some small changes and that still had tremendous impact on my inspiration. I spent a few minutes enjoying a farmer’s market, tried some new food (and a new meal delivery company), and expanded my pumpkin carving skills during a total of maybe two hours in the month.Even that little bit was enough to send me back to the studio. I made a new piece this weekend and my table is clear and ready for more.

Now that I’m inspired, my theme for this month is “Move Forward,” which I am considering to mean “get back to work.” The piece I made over the weekend is a new cyanotype work so this month, my focus is going to be on continuing with my cyanotype series. Do you have work that you can pick up again? Maybe you have a series that you would like to start? Join me this month in moving ahead with new work.

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