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November 5, 2023 | Inspiration

Inviting Inspiration – Week 3

I am not sure if what I did this week technically counts as something new. I mean, I HAVE carved pumpkins before, but I spent a whole lot more time on it this year. I used one of the many fun templates that come with the cheap little carving tools …

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October 29, 2023 | Inspiration

Inviting Inspiration, Week 2

This week, as I tacked down battery-operated, wired Christmas lights to a pair of pants, I found myself thinking that the technique could easily be incorporated into a fun Christmas tree wall hanging. I may never do it, but the point is to be inspired to think about it, right? …

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October 19, 2023 | Inspiration

Inviting Inspiration – Week 1

Last week, I wrote that doing or learning something new every week was a great way to invite inspiration in. This week, I tried it out myself. I spent the weekend at my guild’s quilt show, surrounded by inspiring quilts. On Monday morning, I drove the show supplies back to …

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October 14, 2023 | Creativity , Inspiration

Inviting Inspiration

Creativity is a practice. After you’ve reignited your innate creativity by playing like a kid again and plumbed your own depths to understand your unique creative expression, you will still have moments when you aren’t feeling very creative. There are so many reasons why that happens, but you’ll recognize it …

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October 6, 2023 | Creativity , Inspiration

Create What YOU Want

If you were to create something that really represents your fully authentic and unique self, what would it be? Can you tap into the center of your soul and create from there? Even if you don’t make something from start to finish, plumb those depths a bit and sketch out …

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March 24, 2022 | Inspiration , Quilts

#StoryBehindtheArt – “New”

I created this piece as part of a challenge back in 2017. The challenge word was “new” and I did not sit down with a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm what the word means to me as I sometimes do to get started. Instead, I was talking with a …

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February 14, 2022 | Inspiration , Projects

#StoryBehindtheArt – Cyanotypes on Paper

Though I am primarily a fiber artist, I experimented with cyanotypes on paper at the Wet Cyanotypes workshop I took with Lesley Riley over the summer at the Hudson River Valley Fiber Arts Workshops. As you can see, I am a huge fan of ferns because I am a child …

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January 28, 2022 | Inspiration , Quilts

“3 Beeches”

“3 Beeches” started with an act of magic. I made the largest piece on the first day of the wet cyanotypes workshop I took last July with Lesley Riley at the Hudson River Valley Fiber Art Workshops. I was completely experimenting at that stage and just arranged the leaves, randomly …

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July 5, 2021 | Creativity , Inspiration

Creative Play Newsletter – Brain Fog

I had a meeting this week at work of the textile crafting group. (Yes, textile crafting librarians – totally my tribe!) We were talking about our COVID brains and how hard it has been to focus. None of us have been able to tackle anything new or complicated in over …

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December 9, 2019 | Art Shows and Events , Inspiration

The Tiny Pricks Project

I went out to West Stockbridge, MA this weekend with a friend to see the Tiny Pricks Project exhibit at The Foundry and to participate in a workshop and the reception. I had not heard of the project until my friend emailed to see if I was interested, but it …

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