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Remember the invigorating feeling of squishing your hands around in finger paint, getting delightfully messy?

Pasting cardboard and buttons and bits and bobs together to make a new “invention”?

Digging in the mud to make “soup” or carve out a fairy cave?

Remember the joy of creation?


As we grow up, we stop prioritizing play.

We put our focus on paying bills, ordering groceries, keeping everybody’s appointments straight, and outperforming ourselves at work.

In doing so, we lose out on the magic of creation and all its benefits, including mental and physical health, feel-good hormone production, brain growth (yes, our brains can develop even as adults!), and perhaps most importantly . . .

And understanding of who we are and what lights our fire.

But for most women, it’s not as easy as just giving ourselves “permission” to play.

Even when you know how important creativity can be, it’s hard to prioritize. There’s so much on your plate!

And when you do carve out time on your calendar, you might feel the dread of a blank page or blinking cursor.

Or you might feel overwhelmed with rows and rows of activities to choose from at Michael’s or a JoAnn’s. (Want to try candle-dipping? Punch needle kits? Tie-tye? Glitter wine bottles? Watercolors? Collages? Scrapbooking? Clay beads?)

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be complicated.


I’m Julie,
your creativity guide

I’ve always been a goal-focused, serious sort of person.

I did all the things. High school valedictorian. First generation student and graduate with honors at a Tier 1 research university. Grad school at Harvard. Enviable career success. Wife. Mother.

Yet even with all these titles, achievements, and experiences . . .

I found myself just shy of 40, feeling a painful hole in the center of my soul.

I’d been working 50-60 hour weeks in a job that was making me absolutely miserable. After I finally quit, I realized just how out of touch I had gotten with myself along the way.

I set out to find myself again.

Inspired by my daughter’s curiosity and wonder, I began to explore play through painting, collages, and other art—without the goal of creating something specific, or “doing it right.”

I don’t make anything that I am “invested” in. For me, creative play is about seeing what happens. It’s experimentation.

It’s about trying something new and different so I can see the world—and myself—in different ways.

It’s life-changing.

Now, I help high-achieving business women do the same: re-engaging their lives, their confidence, and their joy through creative play.

Learning to find light and joy in themselves, often for the first time in decades.

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