Reignite Your Creativity | Julie Neu

Reignite your sense of joy.

With everything you’re juggling, from:

  • rocking it at work, to
  • managing the calendars of everyone in your house, to
  • making sure the soccer uniform is washed in time, the birthday presents are planned, purchased, and wrapped, and your parents aren’t climbing on ladders to clear their own gutters,

It can feel like you’re living for the people around you, instead of experiencing life for yourself.

At the same time, you might be feeling a little pull . . .

You know there’s something more—but what?

That gentle tug, in your mind or your heart, is leading you toward creativity.

And I know:

Taking time to create—to play—feels like a “nice to have.”

But it’s so much more than that.

Play is more than a children’s pastime. For adults, it’s an essential part of our well-being and a crucial component of leadership.

Taking just a few minutes a day to exercise
your creativity can help you:

  • Feel like yourself and reconnect with who you want to be

  • Improve your ability to connect with the people around you

  • Increase your energy and improve your mood by encouraging feel-good hormones

  • Stimulate brain growth (which is increasingly important as we age!)

  • Reduce the short- and long-tem impacts of daily stresses

  • Discover new passions

You deserve to let joy and fun back into your life.
Let’s get started.

30 Days of Creative Play

In one 15-minute “recess” each day, you’ll experiment with different modes of creativity to ignite your joy and get you glowing!

You won’t need any specific supplies or experience to get started, and there are no live classes to attend. (Take your 15 minutes whenever it works best for you!)

I’ll walk you through each activity and help you set up next steps to keep the spark of creativity going.

You can also join our online discussion group to ask questions (I’ll be there to answer them!) and connect with other women on their creativity journey.

Creativity Kickstart



Creativity Catalyst
You were born creative.
Let’s find you again and unleash the leader you are.

During this 4-month, one-on-one, personalized coaching, you’ll:

  • DISCOVER What’s Missing and why you’re not feeling fulfilled
  • RESTORE Your Confidence in your creative, authentic self
  • EMBRACE Your Power by trusting yourself deeply
  • ASCEND in Leadership in your own way
  • MAINTAIN Momentum to keep hitting your targets without burning yourself out
Ready to Ascend in Leadership?



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