Inviting Inspiration - Week 1 - Julie Brown Neu

Inviting Inspiration – Week 1

close up image of fall flower bouquet with sunflowers and orange roses
Last week, I wrote that doing or learning something new every week was a great way to invite inspiration in. This week, I tried it out myself. I spent the weekend at my guild’s quilt show, surrounded by inspiring quilts. On Monday morning, I drove the show supplies back to our storage unit and on the way home decided to swing into a small farmer’s market just to wander for a bit. It allowed me to immerse myself in Fall in a way that I haven’t yet because I’ve been too busy running to and fro. There were apples, pumpkins, gourds of all shapes and colors, and flower bouquets in the colors of the season. Some flowers came home with me and inspired me to get the box of Fall decor from the basement and lay out the orange tablecloth and leaf napkins.

The other source of inspiration at the market was a white pumpkin covered in pressed flowers that had me imaging an applique quilt with a warm white background during my short drive home. It also had me wishing that I had some pressed violets at the ready so that I could make my own. If you are so inspired, here’s a post on making a DIY Pressed Flower Pumpkin.

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