Inviting Inspiration - Week 3 - Julie Brown Neu

Inviting Inspiration – Week 3

pumpkin carved with owl in tree, lit with candle

I am not sure if what I did this week technically counts as something new. I mean, I HAVE carved pumpkins before, but I spent a whole lot more time on it this year. I used one of the many fun templates that come with the cheap little carving tools (that are definitely a lot safer than the dull kitchen knives I used as a kid) and I really took time to carve out all of the little details. I guess what really matters is that I enjoyed myself a great deal, found the entire process good for stress release, and most importantly – invited inspiration in. While I was carving, I was thinking about all kinds of Halloween-themed projects that I could do. (I don’t expect that I will get them done, but it’s the thought that counts!)

pumpkin carved with owl in tree, lit with candle

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