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Create Daily Joy

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Exercise #3 in Stage Seven of the Creativity Journey – Trust Your Voice

When I walked back into the jungle on this stage of my journey, I saw the journey itself differently. Instead of spending all of my energy focused on the obstacle on my path, I accepted that my Money Mountain might always be there and I let it be. I shifted my focus from my challenges and  from feeling angry about what I perceived as my failure to vanquish the mountain to feeling grateful for all of the many joys of my life. Once I weighed those joys in the balance, I realized that my mountain was tiny in comparison. By focusing on joy, my joy increased even more. 

When you consider the word “Joy” what comes to mind? Free write on it or brainstorm lists of words that emerge when you consider joy. If there are specific images, colors, or textures that come to mind, write those down. Use one of those images or an idea that emerged from your list to create a piece of art that reflects your joy. Then, make it a regular practice. Each day for a week create one small piece of art that reflects joy to you. Experience working in a series. When each piece is complete, assess it. What worked well? What would you like to change for the next piece? At the end of the week look back over your series to see how far you’ve come.

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