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Explore – A New Light

Exercise #2 in Stage Seven of the Creativity Journey – Trust Your Voice

What is your “Money Mountain”? What is the major obstacle that you face in your journey? Take the time to rail about it to the heavens. Curse it. Scream about it (on paper if you’re worried that someone might come running because they are concerned for your safety or out loud if you are in a place where you can). Let fly a stream of invectives that would shock anyone who knows you.

Then, when that’s done and your anger is spent, think about your stumbling blocks again and ask, “What are you here to teach me?” Your obstacles aren’t meant as road blocks. They are training. They are the challenges that strengthen and prepare you for the bigger life that awaits. When you understand their value and your perception begins to shift, paint your hurdle in a new light. Make a painting or a drawing or a collage. Write about your obstacle in loving detail. Compose a song or poem for it. Bring forth whatever art allows you to capture the beauty of the gift of this challenge because it is indeed a gift. It is here to be your greatest teacher on this journey if you will let it. 

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