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Venturing Forth onto your Creativity Journey – Stage 2

You are an explorer. You made the choice, walked through the door and began your creativity journey. On this adventure, you will reawaken your creativity and you will find that your unique voice becomes loud enough for you to hear. You will reconnect with your authentic self and begin to see the light of your soul. You may even find joy.

What happens on your creativity journey will be as unique as you are. Your journey will be different from mine. It will take you down a path that no one else has trod. You may hang out in certain stages longer than others. You may return to certain stages over time even as you have moved forward on your journey. This is your path to walk and you set the pace. 

You may find the idea of traversing virgin territory frightening. The thrill you felt after stepping out to begin your journey may be beginning to fade as you look out into the unknown space before you. The flurries of excitement in your stomach may be turning into the queasiness of dread. Still, your Fear of the Unknown is normal and reasonable. You are at the outset of your journey and there is no way to know for sure what you will face or where you will end up. Acknowledge your fear and know that there is no such thing as fearlessness. Rather, true bravery is recognizing your fears, accepting the risks, and deciding to move forward regardless. Though your path will be unique and you make the decision to venture forth alone, yours does not have to be a solitary trip like mine was. You do not have to face the unknown unprepared. There are a set of conditions necessary for the flowering of creativity and that’s what we will explore together. 

Exploring your creativity is also something you can do with friends whether or not they are on their own creativity journey. It is even something you can do with kids if there are any in your life. Kids can be the best creativity teachers because if they are young enough they have not begun to question their creativity and it flows effortlessly from them. You need not share all of the details of your journey and you may decide to keep your quest quiet at this stage, but you do not need to create alone. Create, play, experiment, explore and revel in the joy of creating.

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