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Imagine – Your Creativity Journey Starts Now

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Exercise #1 in Stage Two – Venture Forth

Now that you have ventured forth, where does your adventure begin? Though I didn’t realize that I was on my creativity journey at this stage, when I do think about my trek, I envision a jungle. You walked through the door or jumped off a cliff. Where did you land? Close your eyes and be still for a moment. As you think about beginning your creative quest, what do you see? Spend several minutes envisioning your journey in as much detail as you can manage. If you don’t see an image in your mind, can you hear sounds? Do you imagine smells or can you just sense where you are? Do you feel the thick, damp air of the jungle enveloping you or are you perhaps looking at a dark and dense forest? Maybe you’re facing a desert that appears endless? I expect it is utterly quiet because this is a solitary journey. But the way forward would not appear to you if you weren’t strong enough and didn’t already have everything you needed to reach the end. Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

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