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Act – Make Your Lists

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Exercise #4 in Stage One – Feel the Pull

It is now time to prepare for your journey. Just as you would before leaving on a trip, make a list of what you need to do before you leave. (If you aren’t a list-maker, but someone who packs just before the flight leaves, I admire you. Still, try to take a few moments before leaving on this trip to prepare.) Since you won’t really be leaving the house your list probably won’t include items like “locate passport” or “find someone to feed the cat,” but you may still have some things on your mind. Write lists of:

  • The worries you have about your journey
  • Items to do before you begin (Do you want to clear a desk space for creating? Should you block off some time on your calendar every day or every week for your journey?) 
  • Things to “pack” (refer back to the “What to Pack” section in the Introduction)

At this point in your preparation for other trips you may have let loved ones know that you are traveling. If you’re as old as I am, you may even send your itinerary and contact information at your hotels. For this journey however, I recommend that you begin it in secret. Save this journey for yourself for now. As you get farther along, you may decide that the time is right to share with someone the adventure that you’re having but for now, you may want to explore alone.

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