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Create – Stepping Off

Exercise #3 in Stage One of the Creativity Journey

When I first did the exercise described in the Imagine section I was stunned by how powerful it was. My creativity coach Robyn asked me to stand and imagine myself committing fully to my art. I closed my eyes and I imagined the precipice over the dark abyss. When Robyn asked me to picture myself stepping off, I could not do it. Though I wasn’t actually jumping into a dark abyss and I knew that I was standing alone in my studio on a solid wood floor, I still found that I could not take a step forward. I took several deep breaths and tried to steady my nerves. I don’t know how many minutes passed as Robyn watched me wrestling with myself, but eventually I was able to move. The sense of freedom and release that I felt upon “jumping” stunned me because it was almost as exhilarating as an actual jump. That experience had such an impact on me that it inspired a quilt to record the glow that welcomed me at the bottom of the dark expanse.

For this activity use your vision as inspiration for a piece of art. Refer back to the notes that you made about your experience contemplating committing to your creativity journey. Flesh out those notes with additional thoughts about your feelings, the colors associated with the vision, any textures that you sensed and anything else that you can think of to describe what you saw. Circle the words or phrases that all out to you from what you wrote. Trust your gut about what resonates and then close your eyes and imagine. What do you see?  Express your experience through a medium of your choice. Do a sketch in pen and ink, use paint, make a collage, or sculpt something. Make whatever feels right to you and trust yourself.

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