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Creative Play Newsletter – What do YOU want for YOU?

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I was listening to a podcast the other day in which the host was providing some coaching to a woman whose nest was emptying but whose business was also stagnant. She was frustrated that her business wasn’t going to be a place for her to pour her energy with her kids gone. Tanya Dalton’s advice was that the time had come for the guest to focus on herself for a while. “What do you want for you?” she asked. Had I not been driving, that question would have stopped me in my tracks. It’s an awfully hard question to answer. Women especially are really good at knowing what we want for our kids, our work, our homes, our communities, etc. etc. But, when it comes to what we want for ourselves, the answer doesn’t come easily, does it?

Once I was no longer in my car, I sat quietly for a few moments and asked myself “What do I want for me?” It wasn’t long before I heard a clear answer, “time to create.” It’s a pretty obvious answer I realize, but how often do I really ask myself what I want? Fortunately, finding time to create is something I can take action on. Now that I am clear about what I want, I can do something about it. 

When was the last time you asked yourself what you want for you? Today seems like a good day. What do YOU want for YOU?

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