Trusting Your Creative Voice - Julie Brown Neu

Trusting Your Creative Voice

Stage Seven of the Creativity Journey – Trust Your Voice

I wish I could tell you that once you begin to hear your authentic voice and start to walk the path that has been laid specifically for you, the hard part is over and the journey becomes easy. In some ways it does. Knowing your path and being able to bring work forth from your authentic self are the hardest parts of the journey, but the journey isn’t over yet. There will still be frustrations and moments when you feel as if you’ve taken several steps backward or gotten turned around during your walk and ended up back where you’ve been before. You may also head in a direction that you thought was the right one, and maybe it was at the time, but you find it isn’t right in the end. Don’t panic if the frustrations come. Just be still, take a deep breath, and check your map. 

What’s that you say? You don’t have a map? Ah, but you do. You may not have a paper map all marked out with landmarks and distances and the map you made for yourself may not have all of the information you need, but you do have a map that you can consult. Your inner voice, your authentic self, your soul is there to guide you throughout the journey and every other one you will take. At this stage, you may lack confidence in your voice. Hearing it is such a new experience to you that you may be wary. You may be unsure of your voice and you may not be ready to trust it. But whenever you feel off-course, turn on the voice of your authentic self; it is a GPS that will never fail. Find a moment of quiet, close your eyes, and ask your Self to show you the way. Even if the choice is not obvious to you, you know the answer in your core. Your essential being is your True North. Follow it.

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