The Creativity Explorers Club is NOW OPEN! - Julie Brown Neu

The Creativity Explorers Club is NOW OPEN!

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When I wrote in a previous post about chronic stress and how hard it has been for me to create lately, I received more feedback than I think I ever have. So many of you wrote back to me saying “I thought it was just me!” and telling me how helpful it was to know that you were not alone in feeling stuck. That’s when I realized just how important it is to have a community to support and encourage us on our creativity journeys. So, I have created one. Today, I am launching a free, private Facebook group called the Creativity Explorers Club to be that supportive and encouraging creative community. There will be regular posts about a creativity topic, prompts for creating, discussions, etc. and I hope that it will be a kind, joyful, vibrant community of women sharing our creativity challenges, exploring our creativity together and lifting each other up. Please join me in the Club!

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