In Full Bloom Quilt - Julie Brown Neu

In Full Bloom Quilt

I now have a full collection of scenic McKenna Ryan quilts to hang in my stair hall and change with the seasons. In 2016, I finished “Storybook Farm”, which I had been working on since, um, 2007? Then, I finished “When Friends Gather” in 2017.  (The deer block in the lower left corner is from another pattern of hers.)

When Friends Gather, 2017.

So, I had the farm quilt for “everyday” and a Christmas quilt for the holiday season. But, why stop there? Now, I have “In Full Bloom” for Spring and next week, I’ll show you the “Halloweenies” pattern that I finished for Halloween.

I may finally be done creating these quilts, but why have I done so many?  I’ve written before about the benefit of a project like these that don’t require much thought, but I do love these fusible applique projects for the joy of getting things done. They are so simple to do, you just trace the pattern onto fusible, iron it onto fabric, cut out the shapes, and then follow the pattern to fuse them together. (I do believe you can also get kits that have been laser cut so you skip right to the end.)  To quilt them, you just follow along the edges of the pieces with monofilament thread. Easy-peasy. These are so perfect when I just want to get into the flow, do something meditative and calming, and end up with a beautiful quilt to hang on the wall.

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