Kima's Chicks 2018 - Julie Brown Neu

Kima’s Chicks 2018

Well over a decade ago, I bought the rest of a bolt of fabric that I thought only I would love. It had a bright yellow background and was covered with drawings of chickens in kerchiefs and aprons with flowers and  phrases like “Farm Chicks are Cool!” and “Party on, Girls!” As a farm chick myself whose grandmother was almost always wearing a kerchief and an apron, I loved the fabric and envisioned a bright quilt for myself and the two other farm chicks I grew up with, my sister and my cousin Kima. Finally, this year I got the first one done.

As I was getting ready to quilt Kima’s quilt, I decided that I would use the backing as a canvas as well. I thought that Kima could use a constant reminder of how much she is loved and of how amazing we think she is. So, I asked family members to send some messages and photos and those became the back, surrounded by a purple fabric as vibrant as Kima is.

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