Shoes and Bags - Julie Brown Neu

Shoes and Bags

The inspiration for this quilt was a good friend who is far more feminine than I am. She is always beautifully attired in shades of pink and teal and always with a bag to match so when I decided to quickly make her a quilt, the design was pretty obvious. I started with the Dear Daughter Quilt pattern that I am in the middle of making for my daughter. Because the colors of that quilt are in the same pinks, teals, purples and oranges, I pulled fabrics from that project basket for this quilt. The border and backing fabric came out of my stash, where it had been living for many, many years waiting for just the right project to come along. I created the purse and shoe applique patterns myself and chose the shoes in the top corners because they were similar in design to the shoes she wore at her wedding a few years ago. She wore the heeled shoes with the bow tie during the ceremony (though in white, of course and not pink) and a pair of ballet flats while dancing.

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