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Mindless projects

In addition to having trouble getting started on a Monday morning, one of the other things that I know about myself from my work in Corporate America was that I could rarely expect two highly productive days in a row. I’d have one day when I was just cruising through my day, checking things off my to do list, getting a lot done and done well.  But the following day I usually found that nothing seemed to work well and I’d end the day without much to show for it. I’m finding that the same is true with quilting as well.  After my slow start on Monday, I made some progress in the afternoon, but not much.  Yesterday, however, was a different story.  I sewed most of the top of Tiles #1 together, conquering over 30 Y seams, and it came together beautifully. I left the studio at the end of the day tired but pleased, with just the top and bottom half rows to finish.  Well, the pieces are still sitting next to the sewing machine. I sewed the first seam, had to take it out and found the next seam just as tricky.  So, I put it down and moved on to a McKenna Ryan fusible applique project that I am working on for my daughter’s room, about as mindless as it gets.  I’m feeling a little warmed up, but my tiles are going to have to wait today. Instead, I’m going to pick up some projects that don’t need much care and thought. I’ve decided that it’s good to have a few of those around.

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