Design Wall Monday - on Tuesday - Julie Brown Neu

Design Wall Monday – on Tuesday

What I have been working on lately could qualify for Throwback Thursday.  I started working on these in 2012 and then put them away from a while. I just picked them back up and got the facing done on 9 quilts over the weekend.

Many years ago, my sister wrote a children’s book. I love the story and spent years thinking, “My mom (who is a painter) should really illustrate that for her.”  It wasn’t until I had my daughter and started reading a lot of children’s books myself that it finally dawned on me that I could do the illustrations as quilts. I got started on it and here are the first two spreads.

17″ x 10″ – Rio and his owner Julie have just moved into a fixer-upper with little more in the kitchen than Rio’s bowl.

17″ x 10″ – The house does have a nice fireplace and a hearth where Rio plans to spend his time.

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