Quilting Through Corona - Week 4 - Julie Brown Neu

Quilting Through Corona – Week 4

line of handmade cotton masks

There wasn’t as much “quilting” going on in my studio this week. Instead, there was a flurry of mask-making, 17 to be exact and I have the same number on my To Do list for this week.

Last Saturday, after the CDC recommendation came out that we should all be wearing masks in public, I got started sewing. After reading some other blogs and recommendations, I decided to use flannel for the lining of my masks, which is helping get rid of the scraps I have from making some pajama pants. I’m using cotton, generally batik, for the exterior. I found a pattern online that I liked that came in 4 different sizes and is sewn to fit around one’s nose without the need for a wire and that’s the one that I have been using. Fetching, huh?

Modeling my new mask

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