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Photo Friday – Selective Focus

In the last incarnation of my blog, I had a feature called “Photo Friday.”  Photography is another love of mine. I’m not an amazing photographer, but it’s been something that I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember. The last photography class that I took, however, was in 1990. I’ve been meaning to take a class to really learn how to use my digital camera (because you know I wasn’t using a digital in 1990!) and I finally signed up for one. I’m taking the 2016 Photo Challenge with Ricky Tims.  We’re just at the beginning of it, but it’s already been worth it because I figured out a setting on my camera that I wasn’t using right.

The first lesson was on selective focus. I didn’t give the assignment the time I should have, but here’s the picture I sent in for this first week.

JNeu_Depth of Field

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