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Creative Play Newsletter – Make Time for Creativity

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One of the biggest struggles that I have is in making time for my creative work. I have it last on my to-do list and either I crawl into bed having not made it to the end of the list or I am so exhausted at the end of the day that all creativity has left me. I know that many of you don’t face the same challenge because your days are largely free to do what you want. However, you still need time for creative play, are you making time for that?

There is a difference between creating and creative play; both are equally important. When you are creating, you are doing the creative activity that is uniquely yours, whether it’s quilting, painting, gardening, baking, etc. And, it’s really important to spend time each day if you can doing these creative activities that make you happy. However, it’s important to make time for creative play as well. Your play time is when you try something new, which could be exploring a totally new medium by doing it yourself or by seeing someone else’s work. It could be experimenting with a new project. It could be just taking a walk and really focusing on the outside world, maybe looking for things in a particular color. This Creative Play is the kind of activity that can really make you feel alive. The extra spice that comes from your creative play will also turn up the heat on your normal creative activity, taking you from a state of happiness to one of joy. You deserve a little joy, don’t you? So what’s stopping you from making time for some daily creative play?

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