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Creative Play Newsletter – Your Own Journey

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I have written a lot over the years in this newsletter about my own creativity journey. I’ve shared the arc of my journey through the discovery of play and finding my voice to settling in to a comfortable relationship with that voice and with being an artist. But I know that everyone’s journey is unique and that mine looks different from yours. What has your journey been?

  • How did you create as a kid?
  • When did things change? Can you remember when you started questioning your creativity?
  • Was that time followed by a period in which you didn’t create much? Or, did you still create but only for yourself? How did that feel?
  • Where are you now? What challenge do you have with your own creativity? What would you like to be different?

I encourage you to spend some time thinking about these questions. Writing down answers to the questions is a great way to work through them, especially if you can do it while ignoring grammar, spelling, and your handwriting. It’s not graded and no teacher will look at it. 

If you are feeling stuck creatively, it will be difficult to get unstuck if you don’t understand what created the problem in the first place. For that, you may have to dig back a long way, but you are a Creativity Explorer! You can do it!

I would love to hear more about your journey if you would like to share anything. Reply to this email and tell me or let’s find a time to talk. I want to hear your story. 

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