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Act – Take the First Steps

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Exercise #4 of Stage Four of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path

Are you starting to have an idea of which direction your unique creativity journey is going to take? Do you have one or several different media that you would like to explore?  Go back to your list if you need to, but it’s time to get started. Find a teacher, take a class, buy a book,watch videos on YouTube, or do your own thing and experiment. Gather some basic supplies. Just get what you need to begin so you don’t weigh yourself down with too much stuff from the start. Then start. Take the first step. Play. Experiment. Learn. It makes no difference what you do or how well you do it. At this stage, all that matters is that you do something. Focus on the process rather than the outcome and get lost in your creativity for a while. 

What if you start to think that you have picked the wrong path? More than likely if you chose this path honestly and not because it was something you thought you “should” choose or because you thought it was somehow a better option than what you really wanted, you chose correctly the first time. But that doesn’t mean you might not still experience some second thoughts. Your authentic self has been buried for a long time and starting the process of uncovering it may bring up some fears. You are stepping out into the unknown and that can be scary. But the destination is absolutely worth the journey. So if you have second thoughts, keep moving forward. Stick with the medium you chose for a little while longer. Experiment with it fully. As your skills improve and you learn more, you may enjoy it more. If you don’t begin to enjoy it after really exploring it, then try something else on your list. This is your journey after all and you know the steps that are right for you to take. 

Want to join others on the journey with you? Come to the Creativity Explorers Club on Facebook.

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