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Create – Draw a Dragon

statue of a dragon

Exercise #3 in Stage 4 of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path

Think about the fear that is plaguing you at this stage in your journey. Now draw that fear as a dragon. Does this dragon have fangs? Does it breathe fire? Is it green, or black, or pure white? How long is its tail? Color it as vividly as you see it in your mind. 

Now that you’ve faced the dragon that is your fear, where’s the weak spot? Does your dragon have a soft underbelly? Is it all smoke and no fire? Think about what you need to fight your particular dragon. Maybe you need a sharp sword or a lance to get to its belly. Maybe you need water to douse the flames or a fireproof suit to wear. Maybe your dragon was just hungry and needed a snack. Make yourself whatever you’ll need to fight your dragon (or a representation of what you’ll need – you don’t have to sew a haz mat suit) and put it in a place where you’ll have it handy if you need it again. Now give yourself the title of “Dragon Slayer.” You’ve earned it. 

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