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Creative Play Newsletter – Light it Up


I missed my newsletter deadline because something’s been percolating in my brain and I wanted to let it finish brewing. I wrote last month about how creating helps fill the holes in our souls, but it goes deeper than that. This post is about to veer into woo-woo or feminist screed territory so if that concerns you, this might be a good place to stop reading.

Why does it matter if we fill the holes in our souls and become fully ourselves? Because, dear friends, there is a deep well of power in women when we connect with our full, authentic selves. Strong, opinionated, authentic women have been persecuted for hundreds of years, burned as witches, shunned by societies, and shamed. Why? Because a woman who knows who she is, whose mind is no longer filled with self-doubt, and who no longer is content to live out of alignment with her authentic self is strong, she is powerful, and that scares the shit out of those interested in maintaining the status quo and their position in the hierarchy. There are probably a million different ways to uncover our authentic selves as women and to finally let that inner light and power shine, but for me, finding my Voice and strength came from reigniting my creativity. Perhaps you feel it too. Perhaps when you create, especially when you make something with deep meaning to you, you feel that stirring of power from within. Keep stoking those flames because our world really needs your fire. 

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