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Creative Play Newsletter – Let it All Go

Over the last few months in this newsletter, I have been writing about how to overcome your COVID block and how to use your sheltering-in-place time to craft a vision and strategy for your creative work. But, it’s still hard to focus and to create right now, isn’t it? There’s so much uncertainty and life feels so unsettled that it’s hard to settle into a creative practice. This may be our “new normal.” All indicators are that this unsettled, unpredictable, crazy, scary life is what we will have for the months ahead. So, I had planned to write about how to adjust to this reality and define what YOUR new normal would be like, even in the midst of chaos. Let’s put that on hold for a little while longer though. It’s still summer and time to slow down (even if life has felt awfully slow for a long time). This month, don’t plan, don’t strategize, don’t define, don’t try, don’t chastise, don’t berate, don’t criticize, just take each day as it comes. To help you get in the spirit of that, may I recommend an excellent article in the Harvard Business Review about letting yourself be unproductive for a while. Yes, that’s right, HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW is providing advice about how to be unproductive. It’s a new world.

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