Quilting through Corona - Week 2 - Julie Brown Neu

Quilting through Corona – Week 2

Joan Shay's African Violet Pattern

Of course I have plenty of projects from which to choose as I hole up in my house and practice more social distancing than I normally do. But, I decided today that I wanted a change of pace. So, I dug into my UFO drawer (oh yes, I have plenty of those too!) and pulled out an old project.

It’s actually a REALLY old project. I bought it in a UFO auction my guild held at least 5 years ago and I think that it was someone’s really old UFO before that. But, it’s the perfect small and manageable project that doesn’t involve a lot of thought on my part. Plus, it was a kit so I’ve got all of the supplies I need. It’s all prepped and ready for some fireside hand applique on a rainy day and will probably turn into a pillow soon. (If not, it will be back in the UFO drawer for a while!)

African Violet applique quilt block

The pattern is by Joan Shay using her Appli-Bond technique. For more information on that, you can see her book: Petal Play the Traditional Way.

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