Quilting Through Corona - Week 1 - Julie Brown Neu

Quilting Through Corona – Week 1

Dear Daughter quilt under the sewing machine

A week ago, I was all shiny and enthusiastic about the prospect of being at home for weeks. Yes, I was going to still be working and yes, I’d be at home with an energetic 7 year old, but she would be having school. I made a pile of quilting projects and thought about all of the things that I would get done. Well, one week in, I have to admit that I was perhaps a bit naive about what it meant to try and work with a kid at home. But, there’s still been plenty of lovely quilting. I’ve been spending the evenings adding some hand quilting to my Dear Daughter quilt as I sit watching movies with my family. And, I’ve been finding some spare moments for a hand applique project too, all of which is helping me stay calm (mostly) in the midst of a global pandemic.

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