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2018 Year in Review

Eleven finished quilts this year! It’s hard for me to believe that 20 years ago when I started quilting, it took two years for me to finish one quilt. Of course, that was before I had a sewing machine so adopting modern technology certainly helped. These quilts include several made as part of my Victims Quilt project, providing a memorial for victims of mass shootings. They include a few quilts made for friends and family going through some trying times and in need of a little cotton comfort. And, they include a few I made just for fun.

Not pictured here are the nine and a half UFOs (*half because one on my list was really multiple projects) I finished as part of the American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge. I’ve done the challenge for the last few years and have made a pretty serious dent in my UFO pile. I still have a list that has at least 12 projects on it, but I think that I am going to give myself a break in 2019. I have a wedding quilt to make for my sister, who will be a June bride and my husband has asked more than once lately, “are you planning to make a quilt for our bed?” so I already have my major projects planned for 2019, and don’t think that I should schedule much else.

What’s on your list for next year?

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