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Coming Out of Hibernation

The fourth quilt in my Arabesques series has been sleeping the winter away in a heap on my work table. (I last posted about finishing the top in June!) I’d done some basic quilting over the summer (?) in the fall (?)  but put it away after that. I knew that it needed more quilting, but I just had no idea what so it sat. . .and sat…and sat until yesterday. I can’t explain why yesterday was the day when inspiration finally struck, but it did. I drafted up two quilting designs, found that I even have the thread I need (It’s a miracle!), and am ready to get started quilting over the weekend. Here’s one of the designs:

Iznik tile quilting design for Arabesque quilt

I know that sometimes quilts need a little time. I wouldn’t have thought it needed all of the fall and winter, but it did. I also can’t explain why yesterday was the day the quilt finally decided it was ready to be finished, but the months of hibernation did give me some experience working with more complicated quilting designs and led me to the books where the design inspiration came from. I guess sometimes a little hibernation is just what it takes.

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