"Photo" Friday - Moon Shot - Julie Brown Neu

“Photo” Friday – Moon Shot

The same friend of mine who is running the BirdZeed creative community  has started a community art project called the Cancer Moonshot Ribbon Quilt. She’s collecting blocks with circles that represent the moon that she’s constructing into a cancer ribbon like quilt as long as a Saturn 5 rocket. (So she needs a lot and you can definitely join in. Learn more from the link above.)

I’ve decided to send in a thread painted moon.  To do my thread painting, I start with a black and white image that I cover in thread, paint by numbers style. I lost my grandmother to lung cancer, but discovered that the lung cancer ribbon is white and didn’t think that would make for an interesting image. So, since it is October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I went with pink instead.  Here it is in-process (I’ll be sewing the heck out of those wrinkles so I promise they won’t be there in the end.):


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