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#TBT – Launching My New Life

A year ago today I posted here about “Launching My New Life” and finally pursuing quilting as a profession.  I thought I would use this Throwback Thursday post to give an update on that.  I am happy to report that I am still on this path.  I didn’t quit yet to get a “real job,” even though my bank account has dipped dangerously low over the last year.  I have done some consulting gigs to keep money coming in and have enjoyed those, but have truly started seeing my primary career as that of an artist.  I still trip over those words a bit when someone asks what I do, but I am getting better at it.

I have also really enjoyed my quilting work this year. I have done my best work to-date and feel like I am coming into my own as an artist. I have several projects going on right now that I am extremely excited about:

I have found true happiness working in my studio every day (or as often as I can when not doing consulting work) and I look forward to continuing to live this life.

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