#TBT - Journal Quilt Week 21 - Julie Brown Neu

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 21

You will have noticed that I skipped Throwback Thursday last week. I wanted to talk about the quilts that I had finished for the Rising Star Quilters Quilt Show instead.  Of course, that makes this week’s throwback journal quilt even more timely. This week in 2011, as  Asst. Treasurer for Rising Star, I helped with the financials for the show.  Let me take a moment to give a shout-out to those folks, past and present, for my guild and guilds all over the world, who undertake the role of Treasurer.  After spending a full day at the quilt show, making sure that the Admissions table, the Raffle Quilt sales, the Boutique, the Bake Sale, etc. etc. all have enough money all day long, the Treasurer and Asst. Treasurer leave the show at the end of the day and while everyone else is home with their feet up in front of the TV, they spend hours counting and double counting the money, preparing the deposits, and if it’s the first day of the show, preparing the starting cash for the next day.

It was around this time in 2011, that I was elbow deep in piles of cash from the annual quilt show with the treasurer and previous treasurer. To create this quilt, I took an image of a $1 and $5 bill, copied and pasted them over and over to create a collage on my computer and then printed out the collage onto fabric. I layered the quilt and free motion quilted the words “money, money, money.”

Money, Money, Money!
Money, Money, Money!

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