Throwback Thursday - Journal Quilt Week 14 - Julie Brown Neu

Throwback Thursday – Journal Quilt Week 14

The journal quilt for the week of August 25th, 2011, probably says more about what wasn’t happening that week than what was.  The biggest event of the week was Hurricane Irene, but I didn’t make any particular notes about why.  I live in the mountains in Western Massachusetts. A hurricane for us means lots of drenching rain and floods and I do remember being outside in the rain shoveling to create some channels to direct the water away from the house when the gutters got completely overwhelmed. But, hurricanes don’t have the potential for devastation for us that they do on the coast. Sandy was actually the storm that frightened me more because the towering pines next to our house were swaying like saplings and I spent a night waiting for one to come crashing down on top of the house. Nonetheless, the hurricane did make for a fun quilt, all pieced with no applique:

Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene

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