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Happy Birthday to Me!

Two weeks ago, I celebrated a milestone birthday. My gift to myself was to finally pursue my passion and make quilting my career (albeit one supported with some digital strategy and data governance consulting work).  My darling husband’s gift to me was the following gift certificate:

A gift for Julie/ Mommy!
Doug and C. would like to give you:
One (1) Bernina Sewing Machine (the “Gift”)
Redeemable any time during the coming year (because it won’t take you that long to order a really expensive sewing machine). Terms and Conditions apply.*
Happy 40th birthday!

He’s a lawyer.  He did include a separate page of terms and conditions, many of which involved him buying several bikes and spending time biking. But, he was right about how long it would take me to redeem my gift certificate.  A few days after my birthday, I went to visit the wonderful folks at Pumpkin Patch Quilts in Lee, MA (Dan and Susan), who helped me pick out a Bernina 770QE.  I picked it up from them just one week after my birthday and here she is:

Bernina 770 QE
Bernina 770 QE

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