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Throwback Thursday

There’s this thing on Facebook where you post an old picture for what is called “Throwback Thursday.”  I don’t really think anyone needs to see old pictures of me, but I am adopting the idea to recreate some old posts from my previous blog.  When my life got too far out of hand, I let my blog version get out of date, it became corrupted and I lost everything.  (A backup would have been a super idea!)  So, instead of mourning seven years of content (SEVEN YEARS!!), I decided to view the situation as a fresh start, a clean slate, blah, blah, blah.  Still, though I can’t remember many of the posts I wrote over the years, I did post about my journal quilt project in 2011 and 2012, and wanted to recreate those posts now.  So, I’ll use “Throwback Thursday” to share that series. Here’s the first.

The Journal Quilt Series started after a lecture at my guild’s meeting. A former member of Rising Star Quilters was back visiting from her home in Australia and she spoke about a journal quilt project she had started with a friend while she lived in Massachusetts. It involved creating one quilt each week based on something that happened during the week or something that was on her mind. I was ready for a new project and as a 25 year paper journaler, I thought journal quilting sounded like a great one.  I wrote in my sketchbook on May 27, 2011 when I started the project, “I’ve been feeling very restless and uninspired lately and it occurred to me that a project like that one might be just what I need to feel some motivation again.” It turned out that it was.

Week 1 of my project coincided with a vacation that I took with my DH and dear friends to Carmel, CA. I had plenty of inspiration that week, but I settled on a rug that I saw in a shop there. The rug was absolutely gorgeous (and $14,000) and I left it in the shop and made myself something similar in a smaller form. I painted the background first and then did the stitching on top.

Journal Quilt based on rug design from shop in Carmel, CA
Journal Quilt based on rug design from shop in Carmel, CA

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