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Artist Strength Training

In addition to giving myself a fresh start with my web presence, I am also trying to breathe new life into my quilting and make it a higher priority.  I recently heard about an online course offered by Jane Dunnewold called “Artist Strength Training” and am in Week 3 of the class.  In Week 2, we talked about engaging our “rebel artist,” i.e. the voice in your head who says, “Screw the dishes and the laundry, GET IN THE STUDIO!”  We also worked on a couple of exercises intended to get us to think outside of the box, so to speak, and to be more encouraged to break a few rules.  We started with a square of paper and could cut portions out of the square, but couldn’t discard any of the pieces.  For my rule-breaking one, I went 3D.  Here are the exercises, along with the gate in Cambridge that inspired it all.

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