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October 29, 2023 | Inspiration

Inviting Inspiration, Week 2

This week, as I tacked down battery-operated, wired Christmas lights to a pair of pants, I found myself thinking that the technique could easily be incorporated into a fun Christmas tree wall hanging. I may never do it, but the point is to be inspired to think about it, right? …

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December 23, 2016 | Projects

BirdZeed Project for December

This month’s BirdZeed word was “Celebration.”  In what was an oddly religious moment for me, I was inspired by the star shining on the night Jesus was born. (It probably had to do with trying to explain Christmas to my 4 year old after reading a book that had a …

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December 21, 2016 | Projects

Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Next week, I plan to be completely on vacation and I am using this week to ease into that. Instead of working on my Victims quilt this week, I am finishing up some projects for Christmas. I made a wall hanging from a McKenna Ryan pattern (and sent an identical …

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December 14, 2016 | Quilts

In Memory

Today is the fourth anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary in Connecticut. I’m just full of good cheer, right?  I hadn’t realized how devastatingly close the shooting was to Christmas and Hanukkah until the other day when I was double checking my list of names for the Victims …

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November 25, 2016 | Quilts

Happy Holidays!

It’s Black Friday. I am not shopping. I don’t like shopping on a good day so Black Friday seems like Hell to me. Instead, I am spending time with family and starting to look ahead to Christmas. Each year, I think about quilting some things as decoration and last year, …

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December 25, 2015 | Projects

Looking Like Christmas – Another Tablecloth Hack

Apparently, cutting up old tablecloths is a habit of mine.  One of my grandmothers passed away last November.  For Christmas last year, I took her old Christmas tablecloth . . . . . . which was worn and holey, and cut out the poinsettias and holly leaves to applique onto …

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December 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 31

We had a scare just before Christmas in 2011.  I was pregnant with our daughter and we went in for the second ultrasound a few days before Christmas.  The doctor reading the ultrasound couldn’t get a good view of her heart and he asked us to come back the next …

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December 22, 2015 | Projects

Looking Like Christmas – Advent Calendar

I might have mentioned before that I was working on an advent calendar for my daughter.  I saw this calendar in the Pottery Barn catalog and decided to make my own. I am extremely happy to report that I finished mine by December 1st and my daughter has been enjoying …

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December 10, 2015 | Uncategorized

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 29

I admit it. I’m a little Scroogey when it comes to Christmas, especially when I am working full-time. It doubles an already too-long to do list and amps up my stress level to the point where the machinery starts shaking and smokes start pouring out. This year, I am not …

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