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Creative Play Newsletter – Thwarted Journeys

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I have been having some crazy dreams lately and I don’t know why. (I haven’t been drinking, so that’s not it.) But, my dreams this week have all had an interesting theme – thwarted journeys. I’ve been with a pirate who was the sole remaining crew member when his galleon sank and I have been at a train station in Africa trying to get a diplomatic partner out of the country. Weird.

This has me thinking about journeys that have gotten off-track. Are you feeling that way? Did all seem to be well until a storm sank your ship or a coup sent you running? Maybe it’s time for a new ship or a different route. 

  • Imagine your journey. What images come to mind when you think about it?
  • Explore. Where were you heading? How were you getting there? What happened to throw you off-track?
  • Create a new vision and draw yourself a new map.
  • Act by turning in the direction of your new flight plan and moving in a new direction. What’s the first step you need to take now?

Wrenches in our plans are a huge pain in the ass, but they usually happen for a reason and they create opportunities for new and better things than we thought possible. Where is your new journey going to take you?

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