Cyanotypes Series - Ferns - Julie Brown Neu

Cyanotypes Series – Ferns

two cyanotypes of light yellow fern leaves on deep blue backgrounds, stretched over canvases and propped on tabletop

Working on my cyanotypes series continued this week, albeit without any sewing at all. These two pieces are cyanotypes I made over the summer. I decided that they were great on their own without any stitched embellishment so I stretched them over canvases and called them done.

Are you wondering how I got the pale yellow color on the leaves when cyanoytpes usually have white images? Well, I’m upcycling! I started looking around my house for other materials to use in cyanoytpes rather than using new fabric and came up with quite a stash of old sheets, dinner napkins, etc. These two ferns were printed on pale yellow dinner napkins that had too many olive oil stains on them to lay on the table. I rather like their second life, don’t you?

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