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Imagine Your Backpack

man wearing black hoodie carries black and gray backpacker near trees during foggy weather

When I think about the idea of emotional baggage, I imagine a backpack – a heavy backpack that pulls on my shoulders and has me bent over from the weight. One of the most useful activities that I have done during my creativity journey was to close my eyes, imagine myself wearing that backpack, and then imagine myself opening it up and taking out the contents to examine one-by-one. After examining each, I found that there were a few items that I could leave behind and I left the visualization a little lighter emotionally.

This month, as we are thinking about the emotional pain that we are carrying around, perhaps it’s time to take a look in your own backpack. Imagine opening it up and looking at what you are carrying. Is there something in there that you can now leave behind as you carry on with your journey? Imagine setting it on the ground, zipping up your backpack, and walking away. How do you feel?

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