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Creativity and Confidence

Last month, we wrapped up with the final stage of the Creativity Journey. But, you may be wondering, who cares about a creativity journey? Why is it worth pursuing?

Excellent question! Creativity is good for its own sake, of course. There are numerous physical and mental health benefits to taking time to create, to make something, or even to doodle or color (all of those coloring books for adults did not just appear out of the blue). But, there are significant benefits to exploring and restoring your innate creativity as well.

I am convinced that creativity is tied to confidence. When you restore your creativity, you restore your self-confidence as well. Creativity is ultimately a means of self-expression. It is something that is uniquely yours. Even if you start with the same problem or question and materials, two people will end up with wildly different results. As you explore your creativity along your creativity journey, you are also exploring your means of self-expression and what it means to express yourself. Without even thinking about it, your confidence in your self-expression is also building your self-confidence.

This was one of the most surprising results I found from my creativity journey. I just set out to be more creative and to have fun doing it. But, as my confidence in my creativity grew, my self-confidence grew as well. I started to find my voice and by the time I had, I was ready to use it. This confidence to speak my mind wasn’t just limited to my artwork however (and I don’t believe you have to become an “artist” for your confidence to build). I began showing up at work authentically. I stopped caring what people thought. I spoke up. I made my opinions known. I became a leader, and it was all because I took out some art supplies one day and started to play. 

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