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Create – Just Do Something

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Exercise #3 in Stage Nine of the Creativity Journey – Feed Your Light

After taking an online class together a few years ago, a small group of my fellow students and I stayed in touch via email. We shared what we were working on and our joys and frustrations with our art practices. After a while, we adopted the motto of “Just Do Something” when we all realized that it was better to create anything, even if it ended up in the trash, than to get mired down with excuses and not do anything at all. We found that just doing something usually helped get our creative juices flowing. So for this exercise, Just Do Something. If you have something in mind to work on, great! Do it. If you don’t and you’re starting to feel like you’ve showed up in school for a test you haven’t studied for, please take a deep breath. No one’s looking over your shoulder. Part of a creative practice is to find a way to create every day, even if it’s something that feels pointless at the time. Take out a piece of paper and doodle. Print off a coloring page and color. Cut out some shapes from colored paper and arrange them. Sketch something. Make a birthday card for someone. Make anything. Just Do Something. Play.

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