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Imagine – Your Meditation

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Exercise #1 in Stage Nine of the Creativity Journey – Feed Your Light

As I mentioned in the last post, many artists begin their creative practice with a meditation of some kind as a way to ease out of the cares of the day and into the art. Your gear-shifting can include an actual meditation practice of sitting, closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing and perhaps repeating a mantra for 20 minutes or so. (If you need assistance with a meditation practice, there are so many books, apps, audio guides, etc. to help you get started.)

Perhaps your form of meditation is writing. There are other artists and certainly untold numbers of writers who begin their practice with journaling. You can write about your day, your hopes and fears, what’s pissing you off at the moment, or whatever comes to mind. Or, maybe sketching or doodling is what will bring you a sense of peace and prepare you to enter the sanctuary of the studio. Choose a form of meditation that you think may work best for you and try it now.

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