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Create – Art from the Muse

Welcome Mat art quilt with Arabic words Ahlan wa Sahlan

Exercise #3 in Stage Six of the Creativity Journey – Rest and Listen

There’s been a lot of quiet and stillness during this stage. It’s a stage of rejuvenation to restore your soul in order to prepare for the creative flood that is about to take place. During this calm, have you heard the voice of the Muse?  Have you envisioned any pieces of art? Make one now. Even if you are unsure of your abilities to recreate what you imagine, make it. Give it a try and you may just be surprised. 

One of the things that has absolutely amazed me has been how easily the work has come when I have trusted the Muse. I have seen paintings in my mind that I was certain would never turn out like I imagined because I have little experience painting and no skill whatsoever. But when I sat down with the paints and started work, I was shocked by the results. The paintings looked exactly like I visualized and I knew in that moment that I was not creating alone. When I have been creating in a medium that I do actually have some skill in, the experience has been even more dramatic. I have created quilts that have gone from imagination to completion in a week’s time without so much as a thread breaking. They were small wall quilts, but anyone who sews knows that having a project go so smoothly that you don’t cut something the wrong size or sew a piece of fabric upside down or run out of bobbin thread, is a miracle. 

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