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Create – Draw a Map

Exercise #3, Stage Five of the Creativity Journey – Walk Forward

Your creativity journey is most likely becoming more difficult, but you also now have the benefit of hindsight. You are on higher ground now and can look behind you to the path that you have already traveled and see it more clearly. Perhaps you now find yourself at a crossroads like I did. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I made the decision to go back to a corporate job instead of listening to what my heart was telling me, I took a left turn on my creative journey and headed off the path. I wish now that I’d had a map. So before you go further on your creative journey, draw a map. Draw the path that you’ve already traveled with its twists and turns. Note where you found the dragons. Mark out the different paths that you see ahead of you. There may be some new routes that will arise later, but put down what you know now. Add a compass rose and decorate your map. With any luck, having a map in hand will help you recognize detours when they arise.

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