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Imagine Your Authentic Self

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Exercise #1 of Stage 4 of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path

Over the previous stages of your creativity quest, you may have caught glimpses of your authentic self and begun to hear the whispers from her. Take time now to look a little deeper and listen a little harder. 

Sit comfortably somewhere and close your eyes. Take several deep breaths. Begin to imagine your authentic self. What does she look like? Can you hear the sound of her voice? How does she spend her days? What’s important to her? Get to know her a bit and when you’re ready, open your eyes and write down what you learned. 

If you have trouble envisioning your authentic self, try imagining your ideal day instead. Picture yourself opening your eyes in bed after a fulfilling night of sleep. What happens next in your ideal day? Do you linger in bed a bit and begin to smell the coffee that has been brewed for you? What happens after that? It’s your ideal day so anything can happen if you want it to. Explore your day and then make notes about what you did and how you felt about the way you spent your time. 

If you want to explore your authentic self a little further at this point, take what you learned from your envisioning exercise and use it to inspire a piece of art. As part of my journey, I created a quilt that I called “Authentic Self.” At the time that I was creating it I thought I was just making myself a 40th birthday present, but creating a work of art that reflected the person I was recognizing myself to be was a turning point in my journey. That work was the first piece of art that really came from my soul and it opened the doors for the others that followed. 

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