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Explore – What Do You Love?

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Exercise #2 in Stage Three – Play

For this exercise, start a list of the media that may interest you on your creativity journey. 

First, go back to the notes you took on your childhood creativity in the last exercise. What media did you love most as a kid? Did you go through buckets of paint? Did you wear down every pencil you could find sketching? Put it on the list. 

Now, add anything that you’ve thought about trying as an adult. Maybe you missed the basket weaving lesson at day camp and have been thinking about trying it ever since. Put that down. Perhaps you wanted to help make costumes for school plays but never did and haven’t had much opportunity to do that in your adult life. Put it down. No matter how impractical it may seem, write it down.

Add anything else that comes to mind and then look back over your list. Is there something that jumps out at you immediately? Circle it. Maybe there are a few that call to you. Circle them. Is there one that appeals to you the most? Put colorful stars next to that one. 

What if nothing interests you? What if everything interests you? That’s okay. Even if your mind is unsure of the path to take your heart knows. Close your eyes and put your finger on the page or write each option on a slip of paper and pull one from a hat. The right step for you will show up. If it doesn’t appear in this moment, it will appear at some point along your journey. Along the way you will have plenty of opportunities to experiment and try new things. Your path will become clear.

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